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Groundhogs Facts
The second album 'Blues Obituary' saw the departure of Steve Rye and a more 'progressive' approach. Tony wrote all of the songs for the third album 'Thank Christ for the Bomb' which entered the charts after John Peel played one of the tracks 'Soldier' on his Sunday afternoon Radio show and it sold 30,000 copies.


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The Groundhogs is a British blues band founded in late 1963, that toured extensively in the 1960s, achieved prominence in the early 1970s and continued sporadically into the twenty-first century.

The Groundhogs Lineup
All Members

John Cruikshank
Pete Cruikshank
Ken Pustelnik
Tony McPhee
Mick Jones
Dave Anderson
Bob Bowles

Joanna Deacon

The Most recent line up (2011)

Tony McPhee
Dave Anderson - bass
Carl Stokes - drums
Joanna Deacon - 

    In the early 1960s Tony(TS) McPhee joined John Cruickshank's band, which was then called 'The Dollarbills'. Neither liking the name or the 'pop' music they played, he persuaded them to start playing Blues and R&B after he had seen Cyril Davies and the All-Stars playing at the Marquee club and suggested 'Groundhogs' as a name for the band, after a track on John Lee Hooker's album 'House of the Blues'.

  Tony and the band played all of the gigs on the blues circuit and then backed Hooker on the final week of his first British tour. John liked the band so much that he always asked for them to back him on British tours and preferred to travel with them in their Commer van. In an interview of the time he called them the 'number one British blues band'. At around the same time the Hogs also backed Champion Jack Dupree who later said in an interview with Melody Maker that they were 'the best band he'd ever played with'. In 1965 the Hogs backed Hooker on an album which was initially called John Lee Hooker, but which has also been re-released as 'Hooker & the Hogs', & 'The London Sessions'

     In 1966, the Groundhogs evolved into Herbal Mixture, which (as if you couldn't guess from the name) had more of a psychedelic flavor than a blues one. Their sole single, "Machines," would actually appear on psychedelic rarity compilations decades later. The Groundhogs/Herbal Mixture singles, along with some unreleased material, has been compiled on a reissue CD on Distortions.

  After Herbal Mixture folded, McPhee had a stint with the John Dummer Blues Band before reforming the Groundhogs in the late '60s at the instigation of United Artists A&R man Andrew Lauder. Initially a quartet (bassist Pete Cruickshank also remained from the original Groundhogs lineup), they'd stripped down to a trio by the time of their commercial breakthrough, Thank Christ for the Bomb, which made the U.K. Top Ten in 1970.

  The Groundhogs first album 'Scratchin' the Surface' (1968) was a basic blues album with line up bass player Pete Cruickshank, drums Ken Pustelnik (previously with Bristol band The Deep) and Steve Rye on Harmonica. The second album 'Blues Obituary' saw the departure of Steve Rye and a more 'progressive' approach. Tony wrote all of the songs for the third album 'Thank Christ for the Bomb' which entered the charts after John Peel played one of the tracks 'Soldier' on his Sunday afternoon Radio show and it sold 30,000 copies.

  The follow-up 'Split' sold 100.000 and became 6th best-selling album of 1971, Tony was voted 5th best guitarist of the same year. In that year they toured with the Rolling Stones and Glyn John, who was recording the Stones recorded one of the Groundhogs sets and Mick Jagger presented Tony with the tapes. These were first used as a promo for the States (rare item as only 100 were produced) and released later as 'Live at Leeds'.

Who Will Save The World ?  the Groundhogs have released over 20 new albums since then and have appeared on numerous compilations and collaborations. Notably 'Hogwash' and 'Who Will Save The World?' in 1972, which was a UK Top Ten entry, reaching No. 8 and staying in the charts for 9 weeks. The famous comic strip style album cover was designed by Marvel Comics artist Neil Adams of 'Spiderman' Fame. 'Solid' was released in 1973, this was also the year which saw a resurgence in Tonys solo career with 'The Two sides of Tony McPhee' which featured one side with a collection of blues and electric solo numbers and side two an innovative synthesizer based work called 'The Hunt', which expressed his disgust and hatred of blood 'sport'. In 1974 the band disbanded, till 1975 and two albums 'Crosscut Saw' and 'Black Diamond' were released in 1976. After releasing the double live album 'Hoggin' the Stage' (1984). The Groundhogs lead by Tony McPhee (with various line ups) have been gigging ever since
  In 2003 Tony McPhee put together a short lived (18 months) 'Original Line-Up' to celebrate 40 years of The Groundhogs. This band was disbanded again in 2004 and Tony concentrated for a short time on an acoustic duo with Joanna Deacon which featured a major tour in 2004 with Edgar Winter and Alvin Lee and an acoustic blues album 'Blues at Ten'. Tony again put together a new line up in 2007, with long-time Groundhogs bassist Dave Anderson ex-Hawkwind and Marco Anderson (no-relation) on drums This trio toured England in 2008 with Focus and Martin Turners Wishbone Ash. The Most recent line up (2009) of The Groundhogs comprises Tony McPhee, Dave Anderson and previous long term drummer Mick Jones.
Update 2011
  In March 2009 Dave Anderson had two heart attacks. In May 2009, Tony McPhee had a stroke. He lost his speech ability. His recovery has been slow, however, there is not much information about how he is doing. 

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Groundhog Links
Find out more about "Bloodrock" here.

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Groundhogs Discography
Original Groundhogs LPs
*mouse-over album title to view album details
Released 1968
Scratching The Surface -1968
Scratching The Surface
Released 1969
Blues Obituary -1969
Blues Obituary
Released 1970
Thank Christ For The Bomb -1970
Thank Christ For The Bomb
 Released 1971
Split -1971
Released 1972
Hogwash -1972
Released 1972
Who Will Save The World? -1972
Who Will Save The World ?
Released 1974
Solid -1974
Released 1976
Black Diamond -1976
Black Diamond
Released 1976
Crosscut Saw -1976
Crosscut Saw
Released 1985
Razors Edge -1985
Razors Edge
Released 1986
Back Against The Wall -1986
Back Against The Wall
Released 1988
Hogs On The Road -1988
Hogs On The Road
Released 1989
No Surrender -1989
No Surrender
Released 1989
Flight N5 To Houston -1989
Flight N5 To Houston

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Live albums
*mouse-over album title to view album details
Released 1971
Live At Leeds -1971
Live At Leeds - 1971
Released 1994
Groundhog Night - Groundhogs Live -1994
Groundhog Night - Groundhogs Live

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Compilation albums
*mouse-over album title to view album details
Released 1974
Groundhogs Best 1969-72 -1974
Groundhogs Best 1969-72
Released 1986
Moving Fast - Standing Still -1986
Moving Fast - Standing Still
Released 1992
Document Series Presents -1992 
Document Series Presents
Released 1997
The Best Of -1997
The Best Of
Released 2005
Joker's Grave -2005
Joker's Grave
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as Herbal Mixture On Various Artists albums
Released 2001
Acid Drops, Spacedust And Flying Saucers -2001
Acid Drops, Spacedust And Flying Saucers
Released 1983
Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks 1 -1983
Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks 1
Released 1989
Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks 4 -1989
Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks 4
Released 2007
Insane Times -2007
Insane Times
Released 1995
Perfumed Garden 3 -1995
Perfumed Garden 3
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Their line-up on their first album, Scratchin' the Surface, released in November 1968,consisted of Tony McPhee (born Anthony Charles McPhee, 22 March 1944, at Redlands House near Humberston, Lincolnshire, England[1]) as singer and guitarist; bassist Peter Cruickshank (born 2 July 1945,in Calcutta, West Bengal, India); Ken Pustelnik on drums (born 13 March 1946 on a farm near Blairgowry, Angus, Scotland) and Steve Rye on harmonica (born 8 March 1946 in London – died 14 July 1992, in London)

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